A. Yes, CannaStrips contains a pure medical Cannabis.


Q. Where can I buy CannaStrips?

A. CannaStrips are available at California State Licenses Cannabis Dispensaries.


Q. Are CannaStrips available outside of California?

A. CannaStrips are currently only available within the state of California.

Q. How are CannaStrips administered?

A. For best results place 1 strip in mouth below the tongue or between the cheek and gum and allow to dissolve. They must dissolve fully before swallowing.


Q. Are CannaStrips directly available to patients?

A. No, , you must go to one of our retail Partners or Dispensary.

Q. How are CannaStrips different from other cannabis edibles?

A. CannaStrips active ingredients has 80% bioavailability versus the 30% you get from traditional edibles. This ensures that using CannaStripshas quick, long lasting effects to aid with pain relief, arthritis and many other aliments.

Q. Do CannaStrips have an offensive odor?

A. No, CannaStrips do not have an offensive odor.