Q. Do CannaStrips have cannabis in them?

A. Yes, CannaStrips contain a concentrated and controlled amount of pure medical cannabis.


Q. Where can I buy CannaStrips?

A. CannaStrips are available through partner collectives and directly to patients that join our collective.


Q. Are CannaStrips available outside of California?

A. CannaStrips are currently only available within the state of California.


Q. What do I need to qualify as a patient?

A. To qualify as a patient all you need is a valid CA ID/DL and original doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis.


Q. How are CannaStrips administered?

A. For best results place 1 strip in mouth below the tongue or between the cheek and gum and allow to dissolve fully before swallowing.


Q. Are CannaStrips directly available to patients?

A. Yes, CannaStrips are available directly to patients that join a collective.

Q. Are CannaStrips made from indica medical cannabis?

A. CannaStrips are made from 100% Organic hybrid medical cannabis flowers.

Q. How are CannaStrips different from other cannabis edibles?

A. CannaStrips contain zero carbs, zero calories and zero grams of fat unlike many medical cannabis edibles.

Q. Do CannaStrips have an offensive odor?

A. No, CannaStrips do not have an offensive odor.